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Stacked Floor Mat Rolls

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Polyester is a great fibre if you want to produce a luxurious feel at a lower price point as it is a more affordable synthetic fibre. Polyester carpet offers colourfastness and a rich soft feel. It provides great value for money.


The nylon carpet is a popular choice when it comes to resilient flooring options. It is known for its durability, stain resistance and elastic bounce back, making it the perfect option for high-foot-traffic rooms. Solution Dyed Nylon promotes great fade-resistance making it a good choice for sunny New Zealand homes.

Measure & Quote
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Please contact us in order to arrange a free flooring and carpet survey and quotation for you. Once we have received your information, your nearest Carpet consultant will contact you to find out more about your flooring project and advise you on the best products to suit your needs. We will then book a time to visit your home to take measurements in order to provide you with an accurate quote for your carpet. Although we can bring samples to you, we strongly recommend that you visit our showroom.


Carpet Layings
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We assure you of the highest quality installation


You have taken the time to choose the perfect floor covering for your home. Now our expert installers will ensure that the installation you choose is done correctly and with the utmost care.

Carpet rolls are bulky so we need room to move around. Rooms must be completely empty in order to lay and stretch the carpet for the best possible fit.

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